With the Mexican immigrants, many Americans shares different views and opinions as well. Below are a list of Positive opinions.


A Mexican working in America


More recently, Mexican immigrants have increasingly become a large part of the workforce in industries such as meat packing throughout the Midwest, in agriculture in the southeastern United States, and in the construction, landscaping, restaurant, hotel and other service industries throughout the country.

White American factory, hotel and restaurant owners love having Mexican mirgrants in America because they are good for cheap labour. They are very useful for factory work, restaurants and hotels in particular because these are jobs that require few or no skills.

Getting RightsEdit

Mexican American identity has also changed markedly throughout these years. Over the past hundred years Mexican Americans have campaigned for voting rights, stood against educational and employment discrimination and stood for economic and social advancement.


Over the past few years, several 'crime surveys' have been taken. Certain studies have shown that immigrants do not have much to do with any criminal activity. Some officials believe that the migration of Mexicans to America has actually decreased the crime rate in America. It is also suspected that the involvment of Mexicans in crime is less than native-born citizens. This is probably because they have spent less time in America than these native-born citizens, so they havent had enough times to get legal infractions.


The American public have taken surveys and the outcomes show both the good and the bad sides of Mexican immigration. A poll from the Wall Street Journal in 2006 shows that 44% of the population saying immigration helps the country. The U.S. public also is much more positive about legal immigration than illegal, and that the public is far more willing to help legal immigrants with government services than they are with illegal immigrants. In a survey examined by race, African Americans are more willing to extend government services to illegal immigrants and more worried about competition for jobs,